The Baltimore Drawings Box

    • Description

      This is a deconstructed book in a box. It features a selection of drawings made between 2016 and 2018. Made during the time of COVID, this is an effort to bring art into the home for personal enjoyment. It is inspired by both Marcel Duchamp's Boîte-en-valise and Lola Pierson's The Institute for Counterfeit Memory.


      Reprodutions of drawings were printed by woman-owned Alpha Graphics. The top of each box is hand drawn and will have variation (and is sprayed with fixative to ensure safe handling). The insert of each box is hand-toned and hand-cut paper. Each one is made by me, one at at a time, in a numbered edition of 25.


      Inside the box:

      • A double-sided standup fold-out featuring 10 drawings
      • A fold-out accordion book featuring 8 drawings
      • A reproduction of the 15 frame crankie scroll performed at the Creative Alliance Annual Crankie Festival 
      • A print of the Clifton Park valve house drawing (original is 8 feet long)
    • Timeframe

      Ships next business day or is available for studio pick-up.

    • Returns

      Final sale