The Devotions Drawings

These drawings were made to serve as anchors. Paused inside the limbo created by COVID, like many, I gained a new awareness of the physical boundaries of my home. I watched how the light moved through each room, constantly changing as the sun shifted throughout the day and the seasons. I began to obsessively photograph the effects of the sun, and the shapes it created as it cast shadows through the windows. In a time when I could not leave the house, the sun brought to me, inside, a vast array of beautiful moments. They brought with them a certainty, which felt precious. Even though I had been constantly photographing these moments, I had not decided to draw them until a year into the pandemic. It was only after I experienced the loss of a miscarriage that I needed to draw them. Each drawing is an opportunity to spend time with an image and I needed to spend time with something beautiful. These four drawings were completed in the two months that spanned between the moment I learned of the miscarriage to when my body finally recovered. They served as anchors, giving me stability at a time when I felt anything but steady. 

Each one is drawn at life size, and when exhibited is hung in relation to where it occurred (from on the floor to against the ceiling). They start with the early morning sunlight and end with the glow from a streetlamp. The hope for this body of work is that I have made space for others to grieve for any personal loss that they have endured because of, or in addition to, the collective loss of COVID.

A charcoal drawing of shadows cast by the sun onto the bottom of a door in the early morning

Morning, Charcoal and graphite on paper, 29" x 34", 2021

A charcoal drawing of a shadow of a plant on a wood floor.

Midday, Charcoal and graphite on paper, 42.5" x 31", 2021

A charcoal drawing of the shadow of a fern cast across a wall.

Afternoon, Charcoal and graphite on paper, 42.5" x 48", 2021

A charcoal drawing of streetlights casting shadows of windows and plants across a wall.

Evening, Charcoal and graphite on paper, 42.5" x 63", 2021