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Images for Baltimore Fundraiser

I am participating in the Images for Baltimore fundraiser for the Maryland Food Bank. Local artists have offered up images to be printed on demand by Full Circle Fine Art Services. These are open-edition prints, meaning there is no limit to how many are made, but they are only being printed for orders placed in the month of May. All prints are sized at 8" x 10" and priced at $50. All proceeds go to the Maryland Food Bank, which has been working hard to meet extra demands during the COVID-19 crisis.

Just look at this list of participating artists!

I have donated the image of my Clifton Park bandshell drawing. This was the one drawing I kept for myself from the Baltimore series. It currently hangs in my dining room.

If you have ever said, "I wish Erin would make prints of her Baltimore drawings," well, here you go. Please check out the Images for Baltimore website and get some art. Let's raise some money!




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