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Trees at Night

I enjoy going for walks at night. There is something surreal about experiencing a landscape under artificial lighting. I especially appreciate the imagery of trees illuminated by streetlight. They look like they are starring in some theatrical performance, a stage is set for a high drama. There is also a stillness which is often punctuated by a singular sound, like the buzzing of a streetlight or a dog barking in the distance. When on these walks I often take photographs and the ones I have drawn here were taken many years ago.

These pieces were created with charcoal on drafting film, the surface of which is very smooth. The charcoal sits on top of this slick surface and was manipulated into place by use of fingers, makeup applicators, and pencils. An eraser was also employed, using a subtractive method to depict elements like tree limbs and leaves.  When the desired imagery was complete it was set in place with a fixative spray. To celebrate the auditory accompaniment I have titled each piece a sound pulled from memory of one of my walks.

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