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Solo Exhibition April 21st - May 28th

I am pleased to announce that my solo exhibition "Time of Day, Place in Life" opens at the C. Grimaldis Gallery on Thursday, April 21st.

I am very excited to share drawings from both my Shadow series and the Women's Bedroom series. I will have over 25 drawings on display. Below is information about the opening and the gallery press release.

Press Release C. Grimaldis Gallery is pleased to present Time of Day, Place in Life, a solo exhibition by Baltimore-based artist Erin Fostel. Showcasing two bodies of work in charcoal drawing, this debut exhibition connects presence to absence. From cluttered, private interiors to vast, blank walls, Fostel captures the variability of light and the amity of our familiar surroundings. Erin Fostel’s Shadow Series draws our focus to fleeting moments of light across interior space. Rendered at a direct scale, these images confront the body with the mundane and the enchanting simultaneously. Each glimmer of sunlight is supported by heavily contrasting darkness to show the malleability of our relationship to space. The drawings were born out of the artist’s experience with loss, seeking to transform grief into beauty. What sets Fostel apart from others working in charcoal is the intense vulnerability with which she approaches her work. Every mark and every subtle shade is made with an attention to intimacy. How easy it is for the viewer to get lost in the breadth of a shadow and to have time to think of their own pain and their own gratitude. Akin to the theme of time and place, the artist’s Bedroom Series depicts the inside of women’s bedrooms. Devoid of the figure, these drawings ask the viewer to imagine those not shown and ruminate on the correlations to their own personal environments. This ongoing series acknowledges the resiliency of the female spirit and the spontaneity of life. The delicacy and labor with which these exclusive interiors are drawn celebrates the owner in a way that is free of the objectification that awaits her in the outside world.

On view: April 21st through May 28th, 2022.

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 21st from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

Location: C. Grimaldis Gallery, 523 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

Masks covering the nose and mouth are REQUIRED at this event.

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